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Its our favourite season here at The Vow Sleepwear. The days are getting warmer & longer, dormant plants are beginning to grow again. Some of my favourite flowers like blossoms and daffodils popping up everywhere. Many animals having their babies and it an great excuse to do a spring clean not only my personal environment but also emotional space.

Here are 5 things that I incorporate into the month of September to gain momentum and clarity and to help ensure that I am living my best life. I hope you find them helpful too.

  1. Go through your home space, say your wardrobe, organise & take a look at your clothes, what haven't you worn for at least 2 years throw it out. You will be surprised at what you find or even forget you have. Sell them on ebay. or donate the items you don't want or wont wear any more.

  2. Throw out old makeup & clean those makeup brushes. Did you know mascaras have life of 6 months. Yes I'm guilty too of using mine for over a year, mum life has changed my daily habits however if you can invest in a new one,- DO IT. When was the last time your cleaned your makeup brushes?

3. What are you doing to look after your mental health? How are you feeling? Now is a good time to get outside and enjoy that sunshine, take a walk, with a friend release those endorphins. Join a gym, or take that yoga pilaties class. I love The Pilaties Class, its an online class and they currently have a 7 day FREE trial. Thank me later!

4. Take a look at your goals if you set any at the start/during the year. If not now is a great time to think about what you would like to manifest or work on (towards) for the rest of the year. I love to do a mood board with my goals/dreams and even more I LOVE IT WHEN THEY HAPPEN & I ACHEIVE THEM. Its even a great time to start thinking what do I want to achieve, what makes me happy.

5. Finally evaluate how much time your spending on your phone/iPad/computer. Yes as much as we love them sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. If your on your phone at night time turn the blue light on or the brightness down.

❤ These are just a few things I personally look at this time of year & I thought I would share them too. I hope you enjoy.



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