Ok, you just brought a pair of beautiful satin pyjamas from @THEVOWSLEEPWEAR & now its time to wash them.....

You want them to stay soft to touch, luxurious on your skin & you want the colour to NOT fade. Ok so ideally if you want them to stay in the best condition like you have just brought them, you need to hand wash them. Yip it takes time but its so worth it & you will have those pjs for seasons to come.

Follow our steps to keep your satin pjs in the best condition possible & have longevity out of them.

  1. First fill a bucket with cold water & add some delicate laundry powder. (Satin does not tolerate heat and may possibly weaken or even shrink if washed in extremely warm to hot water).

  2. Lift them up and down in and out of the water. Do not wring or aggressively rub the garments as with force this can really damage the material.

  3. Once you feel they are wet throughout & have had a good rinse removing dirt press the water as out of the pjs. I use the palms of my hands.

  4. Then lie flat in shade on a towel.

  5. Once they are semi dry I put them on a coat hanger as this helps get the creases out of them.

  6. FINSHED/ACHEVÉE (in french means done)✨

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