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1. Have a cup of tea at least 1-2 hours before bed. Be mindful of what tea you choose as some contain caffeine. There are lots out there that will help assist you in getting ready for a mindful sleep. I personally like Pukka Night Time Tea Bags. This one contains soothing lavender, and silky-sweet lime flower together with the magic of valerian. Perfect for a great nights sleep.

2 Pyjamas are super important, the fabric they are made of & the fit. You have to feel comfortable. You want breathable yet depending on the season, you want them to be temperature friendly. I personally run cold so there is nothing better than a long set of pjs for me. I love The Vow Sleepwear Vogue Pink Leopard Pjs (pictured) they are satin but so soft on my skin, breathable & I feel like a movie star in them.

3 A warm bath is always a great idea. Add some bath salts too. I use Wiki Skincare - Mineral Soak Lavender, Rosewood. Its the perfect addition to adding in

relaxation & for soothing tired muscles, not to mention the smell is incredible which also aides in mindfulness and relaxing.

4 Put down all electronics at least an hour before bed. The blue light from your devices messes with your body's ability to get ready for sleep as it can block melatonin (which is a hormone that makes your tired/sleepy).

5 Practice meditation or read a good book. These two are amazing for switching off/helping slow down & the brain. I love looking at Dymocks Top 100 to see what's trending, they actually ask their booklovers to vote for their favourites.

* Remember this is what works for me. If you struggle to go to sleep & have tried it all please go see a doctor.

Maria x

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