We love to celebrate LOVE & the best way we know how is to make it extra special for your loved ones. With that said every order made between now & February 14th we will give you a Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask for FREE.❤🏹 (valued at $11.95)

We also offer luxury gift wrapping & can include a hand written note for you too making it even more special.

Thank us later x

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Updated: Feb 6

Some people are born to stand out from the crowd. This incredibly hard working woman is no exception.

Introducing Cam Staite.

Surrounding herself in the beautiful coastal township of Margaret River in Western Australia, she lives and breathes Ocean House.

The ocean has been a continuous source of inspiration in creating her line of soy based candles with not only her previous range, however even more so for her soon to be released Collection "Dark Seas".

Not one to follow the pack, Cam has taken on the role as extremely driven business owner, while working full time. The newly engaged Cam is also a dog mum to her beautiful and adventurous sausage dog dug. So you could say she leads a pretty full lifestyle.

Cam is driven by making and providing Luxurious yet Affordable candles. She loves her customers and is consistently working on her brand and trying to get it out there to ocean lovers like herself.

Something that stands out to me is how supportive she is of other women is business. "If I can do it anyone can" she says.

We stock Ocean House's 'BEST SELLER' Lime & Coconut candles online with our very own personalised labels. Head to our GIFTS to see our luxury range.

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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

It used to take me along time to get to sleep. Once I got into bed my mind would start racing with all these business ideas and how to go about achieving them, what I was going to eat tomorrow, let alone what my plans were for the next day or possibly the weekend.

We have so much going on in our day to day lives that sometimes it's hard to literally 'cram it all in'. Then I started taking note of what it was that helped me get to sleep, to stop and literally breathe. These are a few things that I have learnt along the way and some of them given to me from friends, family, naturopaths, doctors, people that I have met along the way.


Pick the right PJS!!!! If your not comfortable you will toss and turn all night! Fabric is super important too, you don't want to be too hot or too cold and more so you want the fabric to feel amazing on your skin.


Lavender is amazing for our minds. Our brains find it soothing which in turn slows brain wave activity allowing you to relax.


Take a good supplement like Magnesium. Magnesium may improve your sleep. It plays an important role in your nervous system, helping to activate mechanisms that quiet and calm you. It may also help relieve anxiety and depression, which can interfere with sleep


Find one that plays soothing sounds like the ocean, waterfalls even rain drops. They can transform your environment and help declutter your mind which will allow you to fall asleep.


Cherries are naturally rich in melatonin which is a hormone that helps regulate sleep. It is also thought to help reduce arthritis and improves your brains health. Sleep Time Teas that contain chamomile help reduce inflammation, anxiety and treat insomnia.

Remember these are things that helped me and they may possibly help you. I'm no doctor or health profession so please seek medical advice if this is a chronic issue for you.

Maria x

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